Eno hammock singlenest vs doublenest singelbörse Paderborn

Weight is a serious thing to consider when purchasing a hammock, especially for backpackers and adventurers of the like.

Sharing is possible – if you don’t mind being stacked like firewood.

The Pro Nest is 4’6″ wide, 8′ long and is made for the ultralight backpacker.

Main purpose for now is simply to lounge in and out of house and a resting spot during breaks when traveling for paintball, not quite outright camping or all night sleeping YET.

So it while I have a girlfriend most of it's use is going to be me and me alone.

It wraps you in relaxing comfort while keeping you suspended and out of the dirt, making it perfect for any occasion from lounging in the backyard, to camping in the wilderness. Even if you intend on making it your sole domain, you may want some extra room to stretch out.