Single apartment greifswald

A suite of six rooms was set aside for Hitler and Eva Braun. The depression in the ground is where Hitler's body was supposedly cremated.

Eva had a bed-sitting-room, a bathroom, and a dressing-room; Hitler a bedroom and a study, the sole decoration in which was the portrait of Frederick the Great. After the war the Red Army tried to blow up the bunker.

[4] In the course of the next few weeks, Hitler also transferred all his activities to the bunker, which is why his staff, his adjutants, the commando command and Martin Bormann were essentially there.

Hitler then moved to the commandant bunkers, which he had used until then only to sleep and during the air raids.

Hitler had been living in the bunker for some time. In the course of the construction of large-panel residential blocks on the western side of the former Otto-Grotewohl-Strasse (now Wilhelmstraße) in 19, the steel baskets of the main bunker were removed together with about half of their outer walls during the deepening of the terrain . Because of the high dismantling costs, the floor plate and parts of the outer walls remained in the ground.

Such sleep as he got in the last month appears to have been between eight and eleven o'clock in the morning. The place where today the remains of the bunker are in the ground is marked with an information sign at the corner Gertrud-Kolmar-Straße.

Previously their children were probably killed in their sleeping room in the Vorbunker by the hand of Magda Goebbels with Zyankali. Since it was near the Berlin Wall, the site was undeveloped and neglected until after reunification.