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It will be able for the first time for political parties which candidates are the deputies of the legislative (representative) body of state authority of at least one subject of the Russian Federation, as well as the parties which took part in the recent deputy elections to the State Duma and received not less than 3 per cent of voters who took part in the voting in the federal electoral district, to register the federal lists of candidates, candidates in single-seat districts without collecting voters' signatures.

The State Duma deputies will be elected by a mixed (majority and proportional) electoral system for the first time since 2003, under which 225 deputies will be elected in the federal electoral district, next 225 deputies will be elected in single-seat districts.

20-FZ “On the election of deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation”.

Six of the fifteen members of the CEC of Russia worked in previous compositions of the Commission, but those members of the CEC of Russia who were appointed for the first time also have wealth of life and professional experience and participated in election campaigns many times.

Technical and technological support for the preparation and conduct of elections is carried out by a nationwide information system – the State Automated System of the Russian Federation “Vybory” (GAS “Vybory”) that provides prompt and open information sharing on election campaigns, referendums, voting and election results, combined with the solution of many complex organizational and technological challenges for the collection, processing and storage of information.

In preparation for the federal and regional elections that will be held on September 18, 2016 in accordance with the Working Plan of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation for the year 2016, which is available in the “Documents of the CEC of Russia” and “Relevant Topics” sections, the All-Russian meeting is provided with the chairmen of election commissions of legal entities of the Russian Federation as well as a number of other meetings, including with representatives of federal executive bodies, political parties, diplomatic missions and consular institutions of the Russian Federation abroad.