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The Bayern Ticket can be bought online, at vending machines, or from most bus drivers.

German taxis are cream-colored cars with a "Taxi"-sign on the roof. From the airport to Munich City Center the fare is approx. The S-Bahn is accessible from the Munich Airport Center.

The lines run all day every 10 minutes except from 1 am until 4 am.

This is the credit card used for identification purposes and not necessarily the one used to purchase the ticket!

The printed ticket will have the details of the fictitious journey but as the Bavaria Ticket is valid for travel throughout Bavaria, it is immaterial whether the travelers will ever travel on this stretch of the railway network or go to Munich or Nuremberg at all.

Highways, bus and rapid-transit rail services link the airport to Munich and the surrounding area. If you are heading to downtown Munich, change to the A9. Most counters are open daily from 6.30 am until midnight.