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music or visual arts) at level C, and two of the subjects biology (C), chemistry (C) and physical geography (C).

Most of the obligatory subjects can be studied at a higher level if the student elects to do so.

to name a few) offer the classical line (den klassiske linje or den klassisksproglige linje, "the line of classical languages") consisting of Latin and Ancient Greek, the subjects of classical philology, at A level.

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A course of instruction lasts three years and comprises obligatory subjects common to all students, subjects that are part of the student's study programme, and elective subjects.

Many subjects can be studied at different levels, called A, B and C; A is the highest level which usually means the student has to study this subject for all three years of the Gymnasium course.

This qualifies a student for admission to higher education Preparatory, subject to the special entrance regulations applying to the individual higher education programmes.

Colloquially gymnasium refers to what is formally called STX.

In addition to the regular subjects there are also a couple of special subjects.