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There were several other occasions throughout the years when incidents happened elsewhere (Cuban missile crisis, Gary Powers being shot down, Arab Israeli wars, and several others still classified) that the unit went on full alert.'The unit would not have waited for the first shot to be fired.

It was prepared to go when the Commander of US Forces in Europe said so - even before actual hostilities.'If the unit had been called into action six teams would have immediately moved out into the city and then the surrounding countryside to attack targets that would slow the Soviet and other Warsaw pact countries moving forward.'These would have included critical bridges, railway junctions, power and fuel depots, and command and control headquarters.

Not everything was in direct confrontation with the Russians or East Germans.'There were clandestine operations that remain classified.

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Some men would have remained behind to destroy infrastructure in the city of Berlin that was needed to keep things running - thus making it difficult for the Russians and East Germans to control West Berlin.'Men spent anywhere from two to five years at a time living in Berlin and preparing for the mission.

Special Forces Berlin was also on the first Iran Rescue mission in 1980 and would have gone on the second before it was cancelled by President Ronald Reagan’s election.

He said the plan would be voted on in a fortnight’s time.

Mr von Stetten’s influential group of conservative MPs represents the so-called “Mittelstand”, a term for the medium-sized business concerns which form the backbone of the German economy.

The book is written by ex-soldier James Stejskal who served with the Berlin unit in the 1970s and 1980s for a total of eleven years. He said: 'The wartime mission was 1) cause havoc behind the enemy’s lines through the sabotage of critical infrastructure and 2) report enemy movements by HF Radio, so that the US Air Force could hit them as they moved forward and to let the US Commander know what was unfolding at his front.'The Commander in Chief's order was "Buy Me Time!


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