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Online dating sider er inden for de seneste 10 år blevet en af de mest anvendte måder at finde en partner på.

Der er dating sider, hvor du kan finde partnere fra hele verden, mens andre datingsider er begrænset til dit eget land, område eller by.

A villain's motivation to break moral law varies; some break it as part of a personal pursuit of obtaining a goal (whether it be the ambition for power or the pursuit of revenge), others break it as a consequence of a professional occupation or task, others still will break it simply for kicks and for the thrill of "crossing the line" (due to a lack of empathy for anything beyond themselves) and there are others who are diagnosed as "Criminally Insane"; to whom laws like morality do not register due to mental instability.

Since time began, agents of evil have sought to dominate existence for personal reasons at the expense of those who exist beyond their values.

2.3 Die Nutzung im Namen Dritter oder für Dritte – ohne deren Einverständnis -und auch die Mehrfachmeldung eines Nutzers unter verschiedenen Namen ist ausdrücklich untersagt.e) Der Nutzer wird, ohne Einverständnis des Autors, private Nachrichten nicht veröffentlichen.