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As a result, more than 71 % of genes now have a predicted function.

The Enzyme classification (EC) numbers were changed for 160 genes and were newly assigned to 431 genes.

Was liegt da näher, als die Partnersuche über das Internet auszuprobieren, insbesondere wenn man daran denkt, dass immer mehr Menschen für die Partnersuche ab 50 aktiv das Internet nutzen.

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It was previously suggested that short genes may be overpredicted in GC-rich genomes because stop triplets are less frequent (Skovgaard et al., 2001; Fukuchi and Nichikawa, 2004).

This updated annotation is more conservative with respect to short ORFs.

The original annotation defined 6204 protein-encoding genes: 3341 on the chromosome (Capela et al., 2001), 1293 on p Sym A (Barnett et al., 2001), and 1570 on p Sym B (Finan et al., 2001).

There was no experimentally proven function for a vast majority of the predicted genes and 40 % could not be placed in a functional category.

Most rhizobia (order Rhizobiales) belong to families within the α-proteobacteria subdivision (Garrity et al., 2002), although symbiotic nitrogen-fixing β-proteobacteria (β-rhizobia) have also been reported (Chen et al., 2003; Rasolomampianina et al., 2005).